Photoshop Tips & Tricks That You Should Know About

Time to learn a few tips & tricks that will help save you a lot of time and make your design work flow much more efficient. From shortcuts to speeding up the performance of Photoshop, these will help allow for more time to be creative and less doing the mundane tasks that can be associated with using Photoshop.

Change Brush Size

Left bracket key ‘[' decreases the brush size and Right bracket key ']‘ increases the brush size. Similarly Shift + [ decrease hardness (makes the brush soft) and Shift + ] increases the hardness of the brush.

Adjust Opacity

Just hit a number from 0-9 and opacity will be adjusted in increments of 10. This means that 1 would set the opacity to 10%, 7 will set it to 70% and 0 will set it to 100%. If you are looking for a definite value say 57% you can quickly type 5 followed by 7 to set the opacity to 57%. The trick works with layer opacity as well as for any tool that has an opacity setting.



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